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A beginner or a growing e-commerce merchant
A seller on eBay, Amazon, Etsy and other marketplaces
An owner of an online store based on Shopify
A retailer, wholesaler, manufacturer
An owner of a warehouse, fulfillment center, mail center
An individual shipper, a personal and home user

With Qwintry Global you can

generate USPS shipping labels at discount prices online for shipping packages both across the United States and from the USA to other countries.

Save on shipping

Save on shipping

Our shipping software is simple to use for everyone and everywhere: you need nothing to download or install. Print shipping labels using any kind of printer or share a label link with a person who can print it. We give you savings which aren’t available at your local Post Office.

Buy Amazon shipping label

Sell on Amazon & eBay

We offer an excellent solution to e-commerce merchants, sellers on eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Shopify and other marketplaces — you can easily buy and print discounted shipping labels online for delivering packages across the USA and from the USA to more than 180 countries.

Useful shipping tools for e-commerce

Domestic and International shipping

Grow your business

Take care of your business in the USA. We will help you to save much on domestic and international shipping so you can invest more in your business. Take care of your customers. Affordable shipping rates allow you to provide your customers with free or low-cost shipping.

Simple Integration

Perfectly documented API layer and slick interface for humans. Shipping software is easy to use everywhere: you need nothing to download or install. Easily integrate with our payment system. Integration modules for popular ecommerce engines (coming soon).

API for generating shipping labels

Technical documentation

Best mobile app to generate shipping labels


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Hanna, London, UK / 05 Mar 2024

As a small business owner based in London with operations in the USA, I rely on Qwintry Global for all my shipping needs. The convenience of purchasing USPS shipping labels directly from their platform has been invaluable to me. Despite being thousands of miles away, I can easily manage and fulfill orders for my American customers with just a few clicks. The user-friendly interface and competitive rates make Qwintry Global my go-to solution for shipping logistics. Highly recommended for anyone running an online business across borders!

Robert, Salt Lake City, UT / 29 Feb 2024

The process of generating and printing shipping labels couldn't be easier. With competitive rates and seamless functionality, it has become an essential tool in fulfilling my customers' orders. Highly recommended Qwintry Global for anyone who is looking for a reliable shipping solution!

Evan, Fairfield, CA / 15 Jan 2024

This site is my go-to for shipping needs. The platform's reliability and user-friendly interface make it a standout service. From generating labels to tracking shipments, everything is streamlined. The fact that it caters to both local and international shipping needs adds to its appeal. Truly impressed!

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