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Generate a shipping label

Weigh your package and measure its three sides (Length, Width, Height). Be sure that the package measurements do not exceed the USPS size and weight limits. Generate a shipping label in your console.

Buy a label

Compare the shipping rates, choose the one that best suits your needs and pay for it.

Print a label

Print a label or share a label link with a person who can print it.

Useful shipping tools for e-commerce

Ship your package

Stick the printed shipping label on your package and get the parcel to the nearest USPS post office or give it to your local USPS postman.

Track your package

Use our free tracking tool for domestic and international tracking to know where your package is. A parcel tracking number can be found on a purchased shipping label.

Let's Get Global!

Why limit your business with just domestic sales? It is easy to expand the boundaries and work at new areas with us.

How to succeed in international ecommerce

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