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14 years ago we started our company Qwintry and since then we have grown from a start-up to the biggest and most reliable mail-forwarding service with our own logistics developments, automated warehouses and a friendly team working worldwide.

We have been developing IT-solutions for international logistics — from our own warehouse management systems to the switch-on-the-fly logistics solutions.

International delivery is our priority, hundreds of thousands of clients from all over the world receive their packages delivered by Qwintry.

Qwintry warehouses are located in the US, Germany, Great Britain, and other countries as well. It helps us provide fast and reliable services to our clients throughout the world.

In 2020 we started a new business direction — Qwintry Global. It was designed to give every merchant access to the USPS wholesale shipping rates and best simplified tool for generating shipping labels online. The main goal we were motivated while working up this project is to help small and mid-sized businesses to effectively develop their business via saving much on shipping.

We are entirely convinced that every merchant, regardless of sales volume, deserves the opportunity to get great shipping experience, using the best technologies and affordable shipping prices.

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Why limit your business with just domestic sales? It is easy to expand the boundaries and work at new areas with us.

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