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Shawn, Everett, WA / 03 Dec 2022

5 stars all the way! Can't express how satisfied I am with this service. All my customers are all impressed how fast they get their orders. I highly recommend this company to any small business.

Kevin, Nairobi, Kenya / 09 Nov 2022

Perfect service for my needs. The site is very simple for generating shipping labels. It takes me just a little time. Good job, Qwintry Global! Highly recommend.

Dmitrii, Ukraine / 19 Oct 2022

Everything is great and easy. Great system, best prices, no any extra commissions. So easy to work with and the entire team from top to bottom. A big thanks to you, guys, it's pleasure to work with you.

Karolyn, Tigard, OR / 07 Sep 2022

So excellent and intuitive service! Qwintry Global is for all your shipping needs, so simple to use and navigate. The shipping rates satisfy and delight me. Works well for domestic and international shipping. Thank you, guys!

Tiago, Bethlehem, PA / 17 Aug 2022

I've been using Qwintry Global for a year now for my online store. The interface for generating and printing USPS shipping labels take just a few clicks and it is really saving you time and money.

Justin, Tampa, FL / 19 Jul 2022

Great company to work with. The ease usage of their system is what I like best of all. You have taken my business to the next level!! Thank you, guys.

Salikh, Türkiye, Istanbul / 04 Jul 2022

My friends recommended Qwintry Global to me. And I am really happy that I followed their recommendations. The service is simple, no waist of money, you generate shipping labels very fast. What I like best is I don't need to pay any extra fees for using the service. The USPS shipping prices are cheap. Thanks to my friends and to Qwintry Global. God bless you!

April, Greensboro NC / 10 Jun 2022

Qwintry Global is the best service for shipping your products internationally. Low prices, very simple software for generating shipping labels, professional, and responsible. They are great! Highly recommend!

Victor, Kiev, Ukraine / 29 May 2022

The USPS shipping rates are great on Qwintry Global. The no monthly fee option made my choice. Perfect service, so easy for me to print shipping labels. Very helpful for small businesses with shipping packages.

Elijah, Stevensville MD / 17 May 2022

The interface is very simple. You need no time to understand how to generate and print shipping labels. Great automatic comparison on prices and mail classes that gives you the choice to select best options. The shipping costs are great and in addition, you do not need to pay extra fees compared to other similar companies.

Allan, LA / 04 May 2022

It's a really great service. Rates are competitive, never had any problems! It makes shipping so much faster. The platform is easy to use with really good prices. I enjoy the service. It is convenient very much, thanks.

Sara, Brooklyn, NY / 27 Apr 2022

Using them not so long time, but now I can say it is very simple. No problems with generating and printing shipping labels for my customers' orders. Rates are competitive, so it is very helpful for small businesses. I highly recommend using them!

Miranda, Alhambra, CA / 15 Apr 2022

It's very amazing for me to generate shipping labels here — very easy, very fast and, the main thing, very low prices. I am grateful for the team very much and the work that they do. So happy that I have found your site. Thanks, guys! Highly recommend.

Joey, Indianapolis, Indiana / 06 Apr 2022

So far so good. The team is very responsive and is willing to work with small businesses. The software is clearly well developed, and feels good to use. They offer competitive rates, that is very important for me.

Imelda, Australia, Perth / 28 Mar 2022

Super easy to navigate and great prices for shipping. Really saves me big time, also the service is very convenient. I recommend to all my business associates.

Joseph, LA / 14 Mar 2022

I started working with Qwintry Global just some months ago and I’ve got nothing but great experiences. Their prices are great, their customer service is top notch. I would highly recommend working with this company if you want to grow your business, and make shipping as easy as possible.

Mehmet, Turkey / 03 Mar 2022

The website is very easy and intuitive for generating shipping labels. I appreciate that Qwintry Global team paid a lot of attention and worked hard to simplify all the processes. I highly recommend them to other small businesses.

Jahid, Dhaka / 07 Feb 2022

Great service, I like it. It allows me to print shipping labels from home. You won't find better shipping rates compared to USPS . It's quite good for my business.

Dmitriy, Samara, Russia / 17 Jan 2022

I sell my product on Amazon. They have their own logistics, but I prefer to buy postal labels on Qwintry Global. Firstly, I am satisfied with the prices, and they are very attractive. Secondly, there is support in Russian and English. Since I am from Russia, it is more convenient and understandable for me to get consulting in my native language. For me, this business is completely new, but thanks to a proper and simple interface, I generate postal labels quite quickly. Keep up the good work guys, thank you.

Robert, Kissimmee, FL / 22 Dec 2021

We have an amazing experience with Qwintry Global. Best shipping prices for international shipping. The system is easy to use. I can only thank you for the excellent service provided. Highly recommended!

Maria, Heath, OH / 16 Dec 2021

Great system, very easy to use and takes no time to master it. One of the best softwares in the market for large volume shippers.

Terri, Houston, TX / 07 Dec 2021

If you hate going to the post office and waist your time in a line, Qwintry Global is for you. I hate going to the post office, that's why I am here ))). Easy to use and shipping options are available for everyone, no additional fees, free sign up. You'r so cute, guys!

Alexander, Moscow, Russia / 22 Nov 2021

Qwintry Global is the best solution for my business. Cheap rates help me to save on shipping very well, also generating shipping labels take almost no time. You can print labels or get a label link to share it with someone else. And what I like is your support — English or Russian. I really like everything. Useful tool for e-commerce in the USA.

Alisha, Westampton, NJ / 03 Nov 2021

I like your site, the shipping rates are cheap and printing labels is simple, the interface is clear. If problems arise, the custom support do a perfect job with good follow-up. Thanks!!!

Morris, San Diego, CA / 19 Oct 2021

So, so easy to sign up, ease to use. Much savings and so much helpful for small businesses shipping packages. Very useful website, recommend it everyone who has got an online store.

Tina, New York / 22 Sep 2021

Such a pleasure to work with Qwintry Global team. Simple, fast, not expensive. You can buy shipping labels on the go, really. That's fantastic.

Dennis, Russia / 07 Sep 2021

Qwintry Global is what I need for my small brand. Nothing extra to pay and this is very important for people like me who has just started running a small business, selling on Amazon. Thanks a lot! I highly recommend you to any business. Saving on shipping across the USA and even on international shipping is much for those who has started running a small business in America.

Marcus, Chicago, IL / 18 Aug 2021

Qwintry Global is a very efficient solution. So simple and clear, and in addition a good money saver. Simple design and advanced features make the site user friendly. Highly recommended!

Emily, New Castle, DE / 01 Aug 2021

Kind support, clear interface, adorable prices, easy in use. To my mind, your service is the best and cheapest way to ship internationally. At least, for me, no doubts!

Olya, Moscow / 13 Jul 2021

Thanks for your job! Very easy to compare the prices using your Shipping Calculator. With a click of a button I can print out shipping labels, no need to install anything. No problem with the payment from Russia. What else I like — your English-Russian support. Definitely recommended, especially for my countrymen!

Joshua, Los Angeles, CA / 03 Jun 2021

This site is the best choice for e-commerce shipping, to my mind. Low shipping rates, easy interface, helpful support. At whatever point I have had questions, I got clear, compact replies. Hope, you will add other postal couriers very soon.

Alisha, NYC / 14 May 2021

It’s a real find for me. I am pleased very much with the rates and services provided by Qwintry Global. Thanks a lot, guys!

Roy, Indianapolis, IN / 29 Apr 2021

Qwintry Global simplifies shipping, surely. The interface is easy to use.Great prices on shipping and excellent service. Highly recommend it.

Tanner, Detroit, MI / 16 Apr 2021

I just started with Qwintry Global, everything is at a decent level, while there are no difficulties. Process super easy. The customer service is helpful. Great experience...Thank you so much.

Shannon, Phoenix, AZ / 08 Apr 2021

Qwintry Global is working perfectly for my business. The customs support is always responsive and helpful. Onboarding was organized very professionally. These guys surely make small business owners’ life easy.No complaints thus far and I highly recommend them!

Anju Kapoor, Calcutta / 27 Mar 2021

Running a small business in the USA, selling T-shirts. Started to buy shipping labels via Qwintry Global a month ago. Simple for me, no problems in using. I like the prices and the possibility to print the labels via any device you’ve got.

Derec, Chicago, IL / 12 Feb 2021

I have used this site for shipping gifts to my friends on St. Valentine’s day. The prices are adorable, easy to buy and print labels. I recommend it.

Rachel, Los-Angeles, CA / 02 Feb 2021

It’s my first experience using such a service like Qwintry Global. I should say it is not difficult at all for beginners like me to create and print shipping labels. Your site is a lucky find for me. Thanks a lot!

Laura, Wilmington, DE / 23 Jan 2021

I started using Qwintry Global because of its simplicity. I needed very little time to realize how to start printing labels. The rates are good enough. It is very important to me that there are no monthly fees. Great offer for small business!

Elena Tsoy, Russia / 15 Jan 2021

I’m a repeat customer and really appreciate the convenience of your service and excellent prices! Just wanted to let you know that you have a great service:) I use USPS labels for international shipping and I am very pleased with your prices. Thank you! I wish that I had found your service earlier. I am saving good money on labels and the ordering process is so simple and quick. I will gladly refer others to your website.

Michael, Santa Clara, CA / 26 Nov 2020

I like Qwintry Global. The dashboard is very easy to use. Good USPS rates. I can calculate the prices at the home page even if I am not logged in and it is helpful for saving my time. Hope, very soon they will have more carriers.

Mellissa, Chicago, IL / 21 Sep 2020

Qwintry Global is the perfect solution for my online business. The service is easy to use and integrates without any problems. But if you have any, their friendly customer support is available via email. What I like best is the fact you can reprint the label if needed. Qwintry Global helps me to save my money very much. Thanks a lot!

Shannon, Kirkland, WA / 08 Aug 2020

These guys have everything you need to save your time and money. Create and print shipping labels for all your orders, track the parcels, communication to users via email, so everything with one solution. Fast, easy, cheap and amazing.

Richard, Trenton, NJ / 31 Jul 2020

We are currently using Qwintry Global. It provides access to better shipping rates for small packages about 1-3 lbs. It is saving us well. They have a good API but we do not have a good programming talent. We may have got one soon, I think. Wish Qwintry Global had more possibilities for shipping.

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