Refund Policy

Postage Refund

Postage misprints and unused labels may be eligible for a reprint or a refund, subject to USPS rules. To reprint or refund your postage, please keep to the following procedures and deadlines:


Reprints — should be reprinted before the shipping date.

If your postage isn’t printed properly or you have a printer misfeed, you can reprint the label from the Labels tab. You can reprint any label and the same label numerous times. It’s free of charge. You should reprint the label before the shipping date.

If you have paid for and printed a label but have entered «ship to», «ship from», weight, or shipping service incorrectly, you cannot adjust anything on the label when reprinting it. If an error has been made, you should request a USPS postage refund and create an entirely new label with the correct information.

Postage Refund Request

Refund requests for domestic and international postage are governed by the USPS and must be submitted electronically. No physical submissions are allowed.

To qualify, the item must not have been scanned by the USPS and the refund must be requested within 15 days of printing.

All refund requests must be submitted via Qwintry Global site. In your profile fill out the appropriate form for the label you are requesting a refund for. Follow the instruction. We will do our best to obtain the refund for you and will process your request within the guidelines required by the USPS. Please note that it can take up to 30 days for the USPS to process a refund.

The refunded postage will be added back to your Qwintry Global account balance. We will send you an email confirmation when the postage is refunded.

Return Funds to the User

The return of funds to the User, unless otherwise agreed, is carried out by returning them to the balance in the User’s personal account. In cases where the User’s personal account is subject to cancellation as well as other cases directly negotiated by Qwintry Global with the User, funds shall be returned to the User’s bank card from which the funds returned were transferred to the balance in the User’s personal account.

If Qwintry Global decides to return funds to the User, such a return shall be made by Qwintry Global without undue delay. Qwintry Global may inform the User about the planned deadline for a refund. The time period of returning funds to the User’s bank card, may be longer than expected dependent on the speed of banking procedures which is not a part of Qwintry Global’s responsibility.


The filing of false, fictitious, or fraudulent refund requests for the return of US postage is punishable under the criminal laws of the United States. 18 U.S.C. § 1001.

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