How to Succeed in International Ecommerce

Nowadays, as never before, there are huge opportunities for any kind of small business. And one of them is international ecommerce. Why limit your business with just domestic sales? It is easy to expand the boundaries and work in new countries with us. Here are some useful tips on how to succeed in international business.

Study nuances of the global market

The global market has peculiarities depending on the laws and requirements of a specific country. If you have made a decision to sell internationally, for example, you should be ready to provide your customers with specific ways of payments, be sure that your product is not forbidden for shipping to this or that country.

In a word, before shipping your goods abroad, study all the market nuances of a particular country very thoroughly.

The more payment methods you accept, the more your business grows

First check out what kinds of payments are available on a market you are going to sell your product to and accept them. Credit and debit cards, PayPal, bank wire transfer, cheques, Skrill, and eWallets — the more payment methods you are able to accept, the more international customers you attract, the more you succeed in international business.

Compare international shipping rates

Shipping your products across a country as a rule is not as expensive as it is if you ship the same items to other countries.

If you send, for instance, one t-shirt in your country, the shipping cost may be not more than $5. But if you send the same t-shirt to any other country, the shipping price will rise significantly and be up to $50. The customer may refuse the package because of the high postage cost. But the problem can be solved. Use our Shipping Calculator to find out the cheapest way of shipping depending on the country of destination. By the way, there are no surcharges for package dimensions for international shipping, you pay for the weight only. So you can offer your international customers affordable postage prices at any moment.

Optimize your website for international ecommerce

Be ready to change your website for worldwide business. Your website optimization for users from different countries is what you should start with: provide the prices in different currencies, translate the interface into some world famous languages, adapt the articles on your website to your international users, taking their culture and other common peculiarities into consideration.

Lots of markets — lots of ways of marketing

For succeeding in international ecommerce you have to work out more than one marketing strategy, and each one should be suitable to each market specifically. It helps you to promote your business much better and very soon you will see great results and improvements.

Use simple, clear, and not expensive shipping

For maximizing your business efficiency you need morden, simple, clear, and not expensive shipping solution. Qwintry Global is one of them. We help you with the international shipping prices that best suit your needs and budget. Our platform suits any kind of business, it is so simple. Just join us and you can start shipping around the world with a push of a button. Buy and print shipping labels at discount prices, share label links with somebody else, track your packages, compare shipping costs — everything you need for successful business is in one place.

One more tip

Certainly, it is possible to achieve great success in international business if you put into practice not one of our tips, but all of them at once, combined. Then you will feel how your business is growing, conquering the world, and how your profit is increasing. Let the world see your unique products! Let’s get global!

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