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USPS Shipping Labels: What is a Shipping Label?

A shipping label is a document that contains crucial information about a package being shipped. It is usually attached to the outside of the package and serves as a waybill, providing details such as the recipient's address, the sender's address, and a tracking number.

Types of Shipping Labels

There are different types of shipping labels, including:

  • Blank shipping labels: These are labels that are blank and can be customized with the necessary information using a printer.
  • Pre-printed shipping labels: These labels are already printed with common information such as the carrier's logo and barcode. They only require the addition of specific information for the package being shipped.
  • Integrated labels: These are labels that are integrated into a form or invoice, making it easy to print the necessary shipping label information along with the other details.

What is a USPS Shipping Label?

The USPS (United States Postal Service) shipping label is a type of shipping label used specifically for packages being shipped through the USPS. It contains important information such as the recipient's address, the sender's address, and a unique tracking number assigned by the USPS.

How to Use a Shipping Label

Using a shipping label is a straightforward process. The label should be attached to the package in a visible location. It is important to ensure that the information on the label is accurate and complete to avoid any issues with delivery. When using a USPS shipping label, it is crucial to take advantage of the USPS ground advantage by providing the correct address information. In case you need to change address with USPS, make sure to update the address details on the shipping label to avoid any delivery complications.

How to Use a USPS Shipping Label

Using a USPS shipping label is similar to using any other shipping label. However, there are a few specific steps you need to follow to create a USPS label:

  1. Purchase postage: The USPS shipping label must have sufficient postage paid for before it can be used.
  2. Print the label: The USPS shipping label can be printed through the USPS website or using a third-party shipping software.
  3. Attach the label: The label should be attached to the package in a visible location, along with any other required documentation.
  4. Drop off the package: The package can be dropped off at a USPS location or picked up by a USPS carrier.

Common Mistakes in Using Shipping Labels

Some common mistakes in using shipping labels include:

  • Incorrect or incomplete recipient address: This can lead to the package being delivered to the wrong address or returned to the sender.
  • Incorrect or incomplete sender address: This can lead to the package being undeliverable or returned to the sender.
  • Using an outdated or incorrect shipping label: This can lead to delays in delivery or the package being returned to the sender

Benefits of Shipping Labels

Using shipping labels has several benefits, including:

  • Improved accuracy: Shipping labels reduce the likelihood of errors in shipping information, leading to more successful deliveries.
  • Increased efficiency: Using shipping labels saves time and effort in manually writing out shipping information.
  • Enhanced tracking: Shipping labels often contain a tracking number that can be used to track the package's progress and ensure timely delivery.

Benefits of USPS Shipping Labels

In addition to the benefits of using any shipping label, using a USPS shipping label has some additional benefits, including:

  • Lower rates: The USPS offers lower rates for shipping packages than many other carriers.
  • Delivery to remote areas: The USPS delivers to remote areas that may not be serviced by other carriers.
  • Free tracking: USPS shipping labels come with free tracking, allowing senders and recipients to track the package's progress.


Shipping labels are an essential part of the shipping process, and using a USPS shipping label can offer additional benefits to senders. By using shipping labels correctly, businesses can improve their shipping efficiency and provide a better experience for their customers.

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